Impact Multisport, is offering a unique opportunity for middle and high school athletes to cross-train their primary sport through triathlon training. As our current athletes have "aged-up," we realized we needed to create programming that fit their busy schedules.  This program is perfect for students who want to become more active or athletes who want to cross-train!  This is an INTRODUCTORY program that teaches the basics of the sport and brings athletes together for training and FUN!  In addition, this program is available to athletes in Granville and New Albany. 

Benefits of Cross-Training with Triathlon...

  • Reduced risk of injury caused by single-sport participation.
  • Helps you avoid burn-out and brings "mental freshness" to your primary sport.
  • Develops grit and mental toughness that transfers to your primary sport performance.
  • Allows you to step out of your comfort zone and learn more about your inner strength.
  • There is NO bench- everyone participates at all times.
  • Multiple Sport athletes stay active throughout life.

Did you know that 91% of male D1 runners and 87% of female runners participated in multiple sports?

What we offer...

  • Teach new swimmers how to swim.
  • Allow current swimmers to try a new sport.
  • Teach the basics of bike handling skills through games and a controlled, safe environment
  • Teach and practice transition skills (how you move from swim to bike and bike to run) if you choose to do a triathlon.
  • Teach non-runners how to find the joy in running.
  • Plant seeds for life-long fitness.
  • Use sports to teach life lessons.
  • Have fun!



Athletes are encouraged to train with other athletes, run with their summer cross country conditioning groups, swim on any swim team.  



SPECIAL MESSAGE TO NON SWIMMERS: The swim is the first leg of a triathlon, an for most non-swimmers; the barrier that keeps them away from trying.  We will be providing swim lessons to the students who want to learn how to swim.  The triathlon events are held in waist deep water the majority of the time.  So you can touch bottom if you need to stand.  In addition, there is a du-athlon options for athletes who choose run-bike-run.


Equipment needed:

  • Any type of bike will work, however a ROAD BIKE is preferred.  Athletes should have an air pump (at home) and saddle bag with all equipment needed to change a flat.  See this video to understand additional supplies needed.
    • Any bike speciality shop can help you find what you need if you are interested in purchasing a bike. Feel free to contact Coach Kim with questions.
    • Disc breaks are permitted, however if your athlete has aspirations of competition in more competitive races, i.e.. High Performance Team, draft-legal events- Disc breaks are not permitted at this time.
    • No TT or Triathlon bikes permitted as we will be working on handling skills and this style of bike is difficult to manage with the work we will be doing.
    • HELMET- athletes will not be able to attend without a good fitting helmet. (Non-aero-  this means no "pointed" back of the helmet)
    • Running shoes that are well fitting and comfortable.  Shoes should be fitted based on individual needs, a run specific running store will have staff who evaluate the athlete's needs.  
    • Swim goggles, swim cap and swimsuit.

    *The focus of our work will be skills based.  TT/Triathlon back are not permitted at practice.  This style of bike does not handle well with skill work and tight cornering as they are primarily designed for long distances.

    All athletes are required to purchase a USA Triathlon Youth Membership for $15

    Recommended Retailers

    Please mention you are with Coach Kim at Impact Multisport for discount pricing. It is best that has a bike that fits your athlete for today.  Do not buy a larger bike that they will "grow into" as these athletes are more likely to have accidents on a bike that is too big.  There are many adjustments that can be made to extend the fit of a bike. In addition, Coach Kim works with many athletes, there is often a mini team sale going on; so be sure to check with Coach Kim. 

    Click on the business name for the website.

    Veloscience- New Albany

    Bike Source-Dublin (has the largest selection of road bikes)

    Cyclical Nature-Hilliard

    Second Sole- Gahanna (running shoes)


    Race Distances

    We follow the USAT guidelines for selecting race distances.  Athletes are not permitted to race in the team kit for distances longer than those noted below. We want to represent SAFETY and RESPECT of sport.  Athletes who race longer distances in team kit are subject to suspension from the team.

    Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 11.25.57 AM.jpg


    Triathlon is NOW a Women's NCAA Varsity sport!  See THIS link for more information!


    Remember, the first summer of the triathlon program is ENTRY LEVEL for all athletes.  Coach Kim has more serious training programs if an athlete is interested. EXCEPTIONAL swimmers or runners, may consider a more competitive approach.