High Performance Team


These athletes are typically high achievers in all aspects of their lives.  The exhibit the "elite mentality" with their approach to training as they are self starters.  They currently meet time standards in both swimming and running, but more importantly are racers at heart and are experienced triathletes before they enter the elite series.  These athletes work closely with Coach Kim year-round to avoid burn-out, over training syndrome, and maintain balance during their teenage years for longevity in the sport. Athletes are encouraged to participate in middle and high school sports, however triathlon is their focus during the summer months.

The draft-legal format is the most competitive format of triathlon and is the Olympic pathway for exceptional athletes.  Athletes choose from 5 regional events in the United States each summer.  Typically the first step for a high achieving athlete is to experience local races to understand the sport.  Many athletes excel in swimming and running and usually see those events as their key sports.  Athletes use triathlon to cross train during the summer months to enhance their primary season performances.

The goal for most high school or college elites new to the sport is to understand the sport, develop the skills needed to compete.  Some athletes are ready very quickly, others need a summer or two to develop.  Coaching is available year round and is individual based on each athlete's needs.